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By Trevor Molag June 6, 2017

Power BI Premium P1 vs P2 vs P3

Microsoft Power BI has been in the market since 2015. In that time, the product has grown quite quickly. As of June 2017, Microsoft is releasing the premium version(s) of Power BI under the labels P1, P2, and P3.  In case you didn’t know, Power BI is included free in most Office 365 plans, but…

By Trevor Molag April 12, 2017

CloudFirst Podcast with CEO Brent Twist

Transcription: Interviewer: Well, thanks Brent for joining us today on CloudFirst Radio. Brent: Looking forward to it. Interviewer: So we’re actually recording today’s session in Winnipeg in Canada. Which isn’t your hometown, but it’s kind of one of the big offices for Encore, which is a Microsoft partner here based on Canada. Just a pleasure…

By Trevor Molag January 31, 2017

Dynamics NAV vs Dynamics 365 for Financials (Business Edition)

Microsoft has been pouring development and marketing funds into their latest ERP product: Microsoft Dynamics 365.  There are two “ERP” modules you can get within Dynamics 365: Financials and Operations Business Edition, or Enterprise Edition.  In this blog article, I’ll be focusing on how Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials Business Edition differs from Microsoft Dynamics NAV….

By Trevor Molag January 30, 2017

Customization vs Configuration in ERP Systems (+ 5 more activities)

When it comes to making your ERP system your own, there are a lot of terms that can get thrown around, including customization and configuration. Your ERP implementation partner will expertly collect your business requirements, and then either configure your system to meet these requirements, or customize your system to meet your needs. ERP Customization vs ERP Configuration…

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