By Trevor Molag July 6, 2017

The Dynamics 365 Unified Operations Plan – What is it?

This past July 1st, Microsoft re-vamped their Dynamics 365 plans and added some new Dynamics 365 products.┬áHere’s a quick overview of what the Unified Operations Plan for Dynamics 365 is all about. What is a Dynamics 365 Plan? A Dynamics 365 Plan is a bundle of Dynamics 365 software modules, offered at a discount. In…

By Trevor Molag April 12, 2017

CloudFirst Podcast with CEO Brent Twist

Transcription: Interviewer: Well, thanks Brent for joining us today on CloudFirst Radio. Brent: Looking forward to it. Interviewer: So we’re actually recording today’s session in Winnipeg in Canada. Which isn’t your hometown, but it’s kind of one of the big offices for Encore, which is a Microsoft partner here based on Canada. Just a pleasure…

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