How Office 365 Can Enhance Your Disaster Recovery Plan (Video)


Hello, my name is Ken Chartrand and I’m the Chief Operating Officer of Encore Business Solutions. I’m here today to talk to you about disaster recovery and Office 365.

Several years ago, I was leaving the movie theater when my phone rang. It was my IT Manager telling me that my building was on fire. After breaking several traffic violations, I ended up in the front of the building where I saw three fire trucks and smoke billowing from the office. The fire marshal said that the fire had spread to our server room and it was destroyed. Three hours later, when we gained access to the building, we saw that there was nothing left of our server room.

Six months prior to that, we had made the decision to move our Office 365 and our email into the cloud. At that point in time, I was very skeptical if this was actually going to work. Where was our data? How would we get access? What if it broke? What would happen? Well, now with the fire and no server room, now was the time to see how this plan actually really worked out.

We actually felt no impact to the fire. Our remote staff, our remote customers did not feel any impacts to what had happened to us in the head office. It really made the decision to move to the cloud the best decision that we ever made.

What is your disaster recovery plan? Is it relevant today? To learn more about Office 365 and how it fits into your business plans, contact us.

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