Dynamics GP Solutions for Canadian Payroll!

Are you aware that Encore has developed two time saving add-ons for customers who are using Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll?


ePayStub for Canadian Payroll will allow you to email paystubs; T4’s, T4A’s and R1’s to your employees.  If you are also using Adobe PDF Writer to PDF Microsoft Dynamics GP documents, you will have the added ability to password protect the attachment so that the recipient will be required to provide the appropriate password before opening the document.  If you use GP’s Canadian Payroll module then you are already aware that GP currently prints a ‘data only’ T4 and T4A report.  Clients are currently downloading the pre-printed forms from CRA’s website; loading the forms to their local printer and then manually dispersing to their employees.  To allow for emailing, Encore has created the custom reports for use with ePayStub for emailing, or for sending to the local office printer, eliminating the need to download the forms from CRA and allowing you to print your T4’s and T4A’s on blank paper stock if desired.

Paycode Mass Update

Encore’s Paycode Mass Update for Canadian Payroll will save you countless hours updating employee pay rates and vacation pay percentages.  To streamline the process, create relationships between paycodes by defining ‘Master’ paycodes and link associated ‘child’ paycodes assigning a ‘factor’ to each.  By adding Encore’s Paycode Mass Update to your Dynamics GP install you will have the ability to update employee pay rates as well as the rates for any associated paycodes all within a single window – for one employee; some of your employees, or all of your employees.

For example, define ‘REG’ as a Master paycode and have an ‘OT’ paycode associated to it with a factor assigned of ‘1.5’.  Let’s say the employee’s REG payrate is $20.00/hour in this case; OT would be $30.00 ($20 x1.5).  Increasing an employee’s regular pay from $20 to $22/hour in the Paycode Mass Update window will automatically increase the OT rate $33.00 ($22 x1.5).  Maintain control over the employees that will be updated; the employees that will remain unchanged and the employees that will have an entirely different rate applied.  Once you have previewed the proposed changes simply ‘Commit’ and you’re done – YAY, break for lunch early!

Paycode Mass Update will also allow you to update your employee vacation pay percentages ‘en masse’ saving you time and the potential for missed or incorrect updates.

A recently added NEW FEATURE will use the Payroll Rate Table to update the Pay Rate.  This functionality has been requested by many of our Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll customers – they asked, we heard and we delivered!  Click here to read Kim’s blog where he shares this exciting new feature that he developed along with the input from one of our Senior GP Consultants, Debra, who works very closely with many of our Canadian Payroll clients.

If you’d like to learn more about ePayStub or Paycode Mass Update or any of the other great add-on products for Microsoft Dynamics GP that Encore has developed, feel free to reach out to me directly or call 204-235-2336 (Direct).

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