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View a short demo of Advanced SmartList, a seamless extension to SmartList Favorites, a Microsoft Dynamics GP query tool. (3:05 minutes)

Advanced SmartList

Advanced SmartList is a seamless extension to Microsoft Dynamics GP SmartList. It adds power to the existing SmartList application by giving users of all levels the ability to create advanced customized inquiries which result in easier, faster access to the information stored in Dynamics GP.

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Bank Reconciliation Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP (6:05 minutes)

Bank Reconciliation Tools

Our bank reconciliation products allow you to balance your company's checkbooks easily and accurately. You can search for specific transactions or a range of transactions to reconcile against your statement from your financial institution.

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(33:40 minutes)

Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics

Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics is an easy–to-setup project tracking solution that connects financial transactions with project revenue and expenses.

If downloading build 22 or less of this product for Dynamics GP 2013 R2, please ensure that dex.ini settings are updated for the following row: EnableWCRibbons=FALSE Should you require assistance in updating this setting please contact Encore Support at

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(34:00 minutes)

Subscription Billing

Subscription Billing (formerly called Recurring Contract Billing) automates and manages cyclical and subscription based billings by generating invoices, quotes or orders in Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing based on the billing date and billing frequency assigned to the customer contract line item.

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