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Leaders in the Canadian Dynamics ERP and CRM marketplace, Encore is uniquely positioned to provide you with service and support for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Count on our team of cloud and solution experts to help you reap all of the benefits from Microsoft’s latest business application.

The Encore Advantage for Dynamics 365

Over the past twenty-five years, Encore has built up a variety of competencies, teams, and areas of specialty that are directly applicable to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

As one of the first Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners in Canada, our adoption of Dynamics 365 allows us to continue to lead the pack in delivering fully-encompassing cloud business solutions.

  • Encore has been working with the platforms at the base of Dynamics 365, Enterprise Edition and Dynamics 365, Business Edition for more than five years.
  • Encore has unrivaled experience architecting and managing implementation projects that span all business areas including finance, operations, sales, marketing, customer service, project services, and field service.
  • Encore has strong teams dedicated to custom development and business intelligence; these are key differentiators that will allow your Dynamics 365 implementation to take full advantage of the platform’s extensibility.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Features

Dynamics 365 is an integrated Software as a Service (SaaS) business solution from Microsoft that brings together ERP and CRM capabilities in the cloud.

Function & Process

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the functionality you need to manage your entire business. From attracting and supporting customers, to providing your products and services, to managing your core financials – Dynamics 365 leaves no business process untouched.

Dynamics 365 represents an integrated “bundle” of all of the business management functionality that Microsoft has ever developed.

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Two Core Versions to Choose From

When you choose Dynamics 365, the first thing you do is decide between the Enterprise and Business Editions:

  • Dynamics 365, Enterprise Edition
    • Contains Operations, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Project Service, and Field Service modules
  • Dynamics 365, Business Edition
    • Contains Finance, Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service modules

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Extend, Integrate, and Grow

Microsoft’s commitment to Dynamics 365 as a SaaS product means that extending, customizing, and integrating Dynamics 365 is more cost-effective than ever.

Dynamics 365 can be scaled and enhanced in many different ways. Benefit from the common data model that underlies the Dynamics 365 platform, flexible licensing, and product updates that don’t break integrations or customizations.

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The Intelligent Cloud

Collect data from all areas of your business and use Dynamics 365’s AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data capabilities to uncover valuable insights.

Dynamics 365 allows you to mine your business data to discover customer trends, upsell opportunities, message sentiments, and more.

Flexible Licensing

Mix and match your Dynamics 365 licenses to provide the individuals in your organization with the tools they need to do their jobs, and nothing more. Affordable team member licences ensure you are collecting data from all business units.

You can also start by purchasing a single Dynamics 365 product module, and add more as your requirements change


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