Power BI or Tableau? Which is Right For You?

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At first glance, it is difficult to understand the differences between Power BI and Tableau. It's even more difficult to figure out which one is right for your organization. Use this tool to figure out which product might be right for you!


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Which of these best describes your industry?

Food & Beverage
Manufacturing - Discrete
Manufacturing - Process
Natural Resources
Not For Profit
Professional or Other Services

Important: Approximately, what is your organization's yearly revenue?

Million dollars (i.e. 11.5 = $11,500,000)

Important: What is the approximate budget for your BI implementation? (Up-front costs that go into deploying your BI tool - no software licensing).

$50k – $100K
$100k – $250K

How much time do you have to implement the tool? (How long do you expect it will be until you are using the tool)

I want to use the tool this week.
Less than a month
Less than 3 months
Less than 6 months
6 months+

Are you looking to implement your BI Software with a team of IT professionals/software developers, or is this something you are going to do within a business team?

Business Team

Who are you purchasing this tool for? Who will use your tool the most?

Data and Business Analysts
General Use Throughout the Company

Approximately how many of your employees will log in and use your BI software?


Approximately how many systems will feed data to your BI Tool?


How will you be using your BI Tool?

I'm going to be using the tool for displaying pre-made dashboards.
I'm going to be using the tool for conducting ad-hoc or "on-the-fly" analysis of my company's data.
I'm going to be using the tool in many different ways (viewing reports, creating dashboards, doing simple ad hoc analysis, performing complex queries, data preparation and predictive models).

To what degree do you agree with the statement:

"The support level offered by my vendor (Microsoft or Tableau) is very important."

To what degree do you agree with the statement:

"I want the gold standard: a BI tool on the cutting edge."

Does your company subscribe to Microsoft Office 365?

Don't know

What kind of ERP does your company use?

Other/Don't Know

Where do you want your BI software to be hosted?

In which regions do you do a significant amount of business? Check all that apply.

North America
Middle East
Central/South America

To what degree do you agree with the statement:

"The rows in my datasets can be measured by the Millions."

To what degree do you agree with the statement:

"I am comfortable spending a little extra time and money to design a solution for my specific needs."

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