10 New Features in Dynamics GP 2013 Every User Should Know About

Whether you’re brand new to Microsoft Dynamics GP or a veteran user who’s still discovering all the new features GP 2013 has to offer, our “10 New Features in Dynamics GP 2013 Every User Should Know About” is for you.

1. Document attach:

In GP 2013, it’s easy to attach documents to inventory master records or purchasing and sales transactions. This feature supports the scan process, “scan to be attached later,” where documents are scanned using either a desktop or bulk multi-functional scanner to a storage location.

2. Selecting printer at the time of printing:

GP 2013 gives users the ability to select the printer they want to print to at the time of printing. Now a printer can print reports in one location while another prints invoices in a different department.

3. Home page customization / drag and drop:

You can now move area pages within your home page.  You can also use the “Customize Area Page” window to select which area pages are displayed in your home page.

4. E-mail functionality:

If you are using Sales Order Processing, you can send sales back order and packing slip documents by email.  If you are using Receivables Management, you can send customer statements in an e-mail message.

5. Pre-payments on POs:

If a vendor requires a prepayment for a purchase, you can enter a prepayment amount if you have marked the “Allow Purchase Order Prepayments” option in the “Purchase Order Processing Setup” window.  By marking this option, you can enter a prepayment amount for a purchase order and generate the prepayment as computer cheque in Payables Management.

6. Reprint Remittances:

If a vendor has ever lost a check stub or came to you with a question about a check remittance, you can imagine how nice it would be to have easily accessible copies of your past check stubs.  Dynamics GP 2013 includes a button in the vendor window that makes reprinting this information fast and easy.

7. Lookup sort order can be saved:

On a per user, per company basis, the sort order can now be saved for the following lookup windows: Items lookup, Employees lookup, Customers and Prospects lookup, Salespeople lookup and Vendors lookup windows.

8. General ledger journal entry inquiry window:

With GP 2013 it’s much easier to quickly look up a journal entry.  The new fiscal year selection dropdown menu makes possible to look up journal entries for past and future years without needing to use SmartList.

9. Un-apply credit documents when voiding a check:

GP 2013 automatically un-applies a credit document from an invoice after a customer voids a payment that was associated with that invoice. The customer will have the option to void the invoice without having to void credit documents or apply the credit documents to other documents (or the same document if they desire).

10. Consolidated invoicing:

This feature allows the compilation of several shipments or fulfillment orders made over a period of time into one invoice, reducing the number of invoices generated for a single customer.

Bonus Feature:

11. Progress bar for year-end closing:

With previous versions of Dynamics GP it was sometimes difficult to judge exactly where you were in the lengthy year-end close process.  In order to alleviate this confusion, Microsoft has added a handy progress bar to the year-end close window.

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