FAQs About Emailing in Dynamics GP 2013

With the launch of GP 2010 came the ability to email documents straight out of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  It’s now been available for 4 years, improved with the introduction of Dynamics GP 2013 and is currently a popular customer request to improve internal business processes.

To better understand what Dynamics emailing offers, check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What can I email from GP 2013?

Users can send a single document, batches of documents, or multiple documents from sales and purchasing transaction lists.   The following Dynamics GP 2013 forms can be emailed:

  • Sales quote
  • Sales order
  • Sales fulfillment order
  • Sales invoice
  • Sales return
  • Sales back order
  • Packing slip
  • Receivables invoice
  • Receivables return
  • Receivables debit memo
  • Receivables finance charges
  • Receivables service/repair
  • Receivables warranty
  • Customer statement
  • Receivables credit memo
  • Standard purchase order
  • Blanket purchase order
  • Drop-ship purchase order
  • Drop-ship blanket purchase order
  • Vendor remittances

NOTE:  Before users can send documents as DOCX, PDF, or XPS attachments, the Word template for the document must be enabled in the Template Configuration Manager window (Administration > Reports > Template Configuration).

2. What email formats are available?

The email functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP supports the following document types. Depending on the document type, Microsoft Word 2010 or later and Word templates for Microsoft Dynamics GP are required. (*See number 10)xps pdf docx html dynamics gp email

3. Can multiple formats be sent in a single email?

Yes, documents can be sent in HTML, XPS, PDF, or DOCX file format types and multiple documents can be combined into a single email.  The documents can either be embedded into the body of the email or sent as an attachment.

4. How will the formats I send effect my vendors and customers?

Users will want to ensure before starting that customers and vendors can open and view the format being sent to them.  The following are the Components they will need (depending on which one you plan to send) in order to open and view the document.

file format email dynamics gp

5. What if Customers and Vendors don’t want documents sent by email?

GP provides users the ability to select which documents to send and which customers and vendors should receive their documents in email.

6. Can I create standard email messages to a group?

Users have the ability to create predefined messages. These messages can be assigned to the documents being sent in the email allowing all customers or vendors to receive the same message for selected documents. Or if needed, users can also assign a specific message to an individual customer or vendor.

7. Can I customize email messages?

Yes, Users can customize messages by adding fields that are associated with a document type. For example, a message can be personalized to include each customer or vendor by name, add the due date for a sales invoice, or the on order amount for a purchase order in the email message.

8. What are the requirements?

There are a few specific requirements needed to get started. The key requirement is that your email must be a MAPI-compliant email service.  If Exchange is your email solution, Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1 or greater with Exchange Web Services can be used.

9. What is MAPI?

MAPI is a Messaging Application Programming Interface, and essentially known as middleware providing the communications between applications and messaging systems.

10. Can you email through the Dynamics GP Web Client?

Yes, the email functionality is available on the web client however Exchange must be your server type in the System Preferences window.

11. How do I get started?

Contact Encore to schedule or visit the Microsoft Download Center for further details on the email function and requirements.


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