In 2019, Resolve to Email for Support

It’s the start of a new year! While the world makes New Year’s Resolutions, we want to remind you of one thing that won’t be changing; our support email of So, grab those yoga pants, pull out some kale, and enjoy our blog post about the 3 reasons why you should always email when you need support.

Reason #1: Ensure Your Issue is Received

Unlike that celery you may or may not be grabbing in the back of the fridge, our Care inbox is monitored all business hours, every business day, by a real person! Encore specializes in software and machines, but it’s people who interact with our clients. We read every email, evaluate every priority, and make sure we dispatch each and every case, follow up note, voicemail, or update to our support specialists. By emailing, you’re guaranteeing a person is seeing your question, comment, or concern within minutes of you sending it.

We know everyone has their favorite support person to connect with (yes, even you!) but just like you our support staff take vacation, get sick, or are unavailable while working on a large project. Our team makes sure to always have support staff available to help our clients, but we can’t guarantee your case is logged and received if you are emailing support people directly. So, to eliminate this potential gap, our inbox was created and is monitored at all times to make sure you are connected with the team even when one particular team member is out.

Reason #2: Tracking Against Your Case

Did you resolve to track calories or steps this year? If so, you know how important it is to measure against your goal to see progress. The same goes for your support case! By emailing you are submitting your inquiry directly to a Relationship Officer to log as a case and dispatch to the team. The support team receives your email with all the information provided along with your case number and contact info. We track every communication and solution in our Dynamics 365 CRM system so if similar issues come up, our support team has that history. You also now have a case number to reference when reaching out to Encore about your inquiry. It guarantees we are speaking the same language when helping to resolve your case and will quickly find the history of your case.

Reason #3: You Don’t Know Where to Begin

#NewYearNewYou didn’t start with a bang; it was a process. Whether you’re an Encore client, vendor, or just a friendly new face, is your ultimate starting point. As the front lines of Encore Business Solutions, Relationship Officers are able to evaluate what you need and where to send you. So if you’re contemplating a new service, have a question on a product, or just want to say hello, try us first. We will be available to create your case or send you off to the right person or place so you’ll have that contact info for next time.

At Encore, we resolve every day to provide our clients with world class support. As we continue to update and improve our systems, some things will always stay the same, and one of those is our inbox. We encourage you to connect with us there or by calling 888.898.4330.

From all of us at Encore, we look forward to working with you in the New Year!

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