3 Ways to Reduce Data Entry in Dynamics NAV

Reducing data entry is something everyone strives for in order to maximize their time. In Dynamics NAV there are several functionalities that you can use to minimize the time spent doing data entry. Three of these useful functions and how to implement them are listed below.

1. Standard General Journal Template

Use this functionality when you have similar entries that you are using over and over again (ex: Payroll Entries). Follow the step by step instructions in the video below:

2.  Apply Template

This function is commonly found in the Customer, Vendor, Item and Resource cards. Using the Apply Template will automatically populate the data fields in the various fast tabs even without using the drill down. Watch the video below for step by step instructions:

3. Copy Functionalities

You can find different copy functionalities (ex. Copy Document, Copy Job etc.) on various pages like Purchase Quote, Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice, Sales Quote, and Sales Invoice, to name a few. Using this functionality is pretty straightforward, all you need to do is identify the invoice, order or quote (posted or un-posted) that you want to copy as a new document.

These three useful functionalities in NAV can be easily adopted to help you become more productive and save precious time. To learn more about Dynamics NAV, please contact us.

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