30 Examples of CRM Custom Account Fields

SwiftRM offers you 5 custom fields on every account record.  You use these to make sure that you are collecting the right kind of relationship data for your business. Here are 50 examples of custom account fields you may choose to use for your implementation.

  1. Alias/Secondary Name (Text)
  2. Stock Ticker (Text)
  3. Secondary Industry (Pick List)
  4. Corporate Currency (Pick List)
  5. Company Mission Statemet (Text)
  6. Ownership Structure (Pick List)
  7. Industry Code (Text)
  8. Company Operation Status (Pick List)
  9. Logo (Image)
  10. Facebook Page (URL)
  11. LinkedIn Page (URL)
  12. Twitter Handle (Text)
  13. Date Founded (Date)
  14. Financial Year-end (Date)
  15. Relationship Type (Pick List)
  16. Credit Limit (Pick List)
  17. Profitability (Number)
  18. Specializations (Text)
  19. Language (Text)
  20. Billing Address (Address)
  21. Customer No. (Number)
  22. Customer Since (Date)
  23. Hourly Billing Rate (Number)
  24. Account Owner (Text)
  25. Office Hours (Numbers)
  26. Server Information (Text)
  27. Amount Owing (Number)
  28. Does company use ________ Product (Yes/No)
  29. Customer Satisfaction (Pick List)
  30. Customer support status (Pick List)
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CRM Implementation: 12 Key Questions Answered

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