The 4-1-1 on the Must-Attend Microsoft Events in 2017!

No matter how great a company is doing each year, you will never hear management say: “Hey everyone, we are doing great this year so we can just relax now, maybe even take a vacation!” As awesome as that would be and as much as you may deserve it, in the business world – and really in any world – there is always room for improvement.

Being a Microsoft Dynamics user, you have the huge benefit of being able to attend the many events Microsoft and the user community have to offer! I hope that in your business planning, these events have come up in your many conversations and discussions at some point in time. If they haven’t, it’s your lucky day because I am going to tell you why this is such an awesome time to be a Microsoft Dynamics user! We are no longer stuck reading manuals, books etc. to learn. I mean: it’s always a good option, but wouldn’t traveling and networking be much more fun?

Below is an idea of just some of the upcoming events that may pique your company’s interest and help you meet your goals for 2017:

Dynamics 365 Tech Conference

March 12th to 15th in Seattle, Washington

Come get a deeper understanding of Dynamics 365 for operations. Microsoft engineers will help you understand the common data model, discover Power BI and Cortana, which are natively embedded, and explore the deep integration with Office 365 in targeted sessions. The opportunity to interact with peers and Microsoft Engineering will exist at all levels so this is your chance to get access to information and expertise that you will rarely find anywhere!


March 20th-22nd in Anaheim, California

Amplify is a conference solely dedicated to users of GP (GPUG), and put on by other fellow users of GP. It provides the opportunity to network with other GP users, team members, peers etc. It also will allow you to explore the latest solutions and innovations while you expand your educational experience, build relationships and discover the newest solutions GP has to offer.

Focus 17

May 8th to 11th in St. Louis, Missouri

This event is a bit different as the 4 days is split. AXUG & CRMUG Focus will be held concurrently on May 8 & 9 and NAVUG & PBIUG Focus will be held concurrently on May 10 & 11. Attendees may choose to attend all four days of conferences by selecting multiple conferences during the registration process. This conference is all about digging deep into the functionalities of each solution so if you’re looking for a better understanding of how it all works, this advanced-learning conference is the one for you!


September 25th – 29th in Orlando, Florida

Have you heard the news? “Envision”, formerly “Convergence”, is now “Ignite”. Join fellow business leaders at Microsoft Ignite for five high-powered days of acquiring essential insights from experts, discovering innovative solutions from successful disruptors, and building important contacts so you can navigate your digital transformation. There will also be more in-depth “Dynamics” content than there was at Envision.

Summit 2017

October 10th to 13th in Nashville, Tennessee

If you can only manage to budget for one event this year, this is it! Summit is the leading live conference for Microsoft Dynamics AX, CRM, GP, and NAV users. Each Summit conference features high-level insider knowledge from Microsoft and user-produced education on how to maximize the performance of Dynamics products. Expect great seminars and speakers, as well as some very useful hands-on teaching and training.

Don’t forget to follow all the UG groups on twitter, and visit the Dynamics Communities website at to find out all the additional information for all the different events happening in 2017!

Everyone wants to go to nice warm places like California, and it’s probably much easier to convince your boss to let you when you can claim how awesome it could be for the company!

Why not propose the idea? You’ve got nothing to lose!

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