4 Major Considerations for New Health & Safety Software

Many oil and gas companies attending the Petroleum Safety Conference recently learned about the latest innovations in HSE, across software, devices and equipment. A key takeaway from the conference was the growing demand by organizations to keep their workers safe and increase organizational efficiency and quality.

Here are the top four considerations every HSE professional should make when considering a new platform for their health and safety initiatives:


One of the biggest challenges facing organizations today is ensuring transparency when sharing safety data across worksites, and from frontline workers to upper management. Critical safety data and workflow information needs to be accessible across an organization’s mobile workforce, allowing an unprecedented level of information access, when and where the workforce needs it.

Today’s HSE management software should be designed with a mobile first approach in mind, with a clean and intuitive interface that is accessible across desktops, iOS, Android, and Windows phones, allowing easy adoption of the solution across both worksites and mobile workforces. The mobility and immediacy of mobile HSE software provides critical, real-time insight into important process information, including safety data, inspections, and work order tracking across the spectrum of devices.

Utilizing mobile HSE software like ITRAK makes important information more accessible, shareable, and actionable, while also making the process more transparent throughout the organization. In a workforce equipped with the software to access and share safety information, employees are engaged and actively participating in making the workplace safe and efficient.

Customizable & Flexible

Every organization has specific and unique HSE needs, and as such require a highly configurable and customizable solution through which they can tailor and customize the interface to suit their operations. The flexibility of the solution is a critical factor to consider, as it will be paramount in properly integrating the solution into every facet of the organization’s operations. With a solution that is tailored to suit their specific HSE needs, organizations will become more efficient, effective, better able to meet and exceed compliance, and continuously improve upon their HSE processes where it matters.

Does it fit into Existing Microsoft Infrastructure?

Another critical consideration is the ease of implementation, and how the solution fits in with existing Microsoft infrastructure. The most effective HSE solutions leverage the power and mobility of Microsoft Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics CRM/XRM, and Microsoft Azure, and as such, can easily be implemented on top of an organization’s existing Microsoft infrastructure.

Microsoft Cloud based HSE management solutions like ITRAK allow quicker, easier, and cost-effective setup and implementation processes for organizations with existing Microsoft infrastructure.

Reducing the Complexities of Managing Safety

Perhaps the most critical factor to consider is the extent to which the solution reduces the complexities and challenges presented by managing HSE. An intuitive and easy-to-use mobile HSE solution helps organizations to alleviate the challenges of managing and streamlining their safety operations, with the ability to collect, visualize, and analyze critical data all in one place. With easy access to critical safety data, reporting metrics, and KPI’s, organizations can integrate HSE software into their operations to help manage all aspects of safety, and to support a strong safety culture across the organization.

Through an intuitive and configurable layout, organizations can track, measure, and analyze critical QHSE information all in one place, allowing management to continuously improve upon QHSE processes. Access to clean and accurate data and efficient form-based processes allow organizations to integrate industry leading safety practices into all facets of their operations.

Choosing the Right Platform

With the right platform to manage health and safety initiatives, organizations will be able to continuously improve their HSE processes, while increasing organizational efficiency and effectiveness. In the future, as we see technology continue to redefine safety processes, all organizations will have to incorporate new technologies into their health and safety processes. Using HSE software will ensure that all safety processes are running efficiently and effectively, and critical metrics for HSE data and workflow information are being communicated throughout organizations.

Partnered with Encore, NeoSystems is the provider of ITRAK, the most definitive software solution for managing any company’s safety and compliance processes. It allows its customers to mitigate operational risk, stay safe, efficient, and compliant in the face of increasingly strict regulations.

This post originally appeared here on May 5, 2017

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