4 Dynamics GP Add-On Solutions Every Maturing Company Should Use

There’s no doubt that as a company changes over time their software has to evolve with it. The challenges of a business in a development stage are most certainly different from those in a growth or maturity stage.  Having just celebrated 25 years in business we can attest to the many changes in business process and advancements in technology that we’ve endured to remain successful in this industry.  How well do you think you’ve done with adopting new technology to assist with the challenges you’re experiencing with a maturing business?

As you look for new ways to refine some everyday processes, increase the engagement of your users, and eliminate some inefficiencies in 2016 here’s just 4 add-on products that integrate with Dynamics GP that any mature or growing company can certainly benefit from.

Company Data Archive

Do you really need all those years of history bogging down Dynamics GP? Archiving your data will reduce the size of your live company database and improve system performance while posting, running reports, performing file maintenance, and day-to-day use of Dynamics GP.

Check out this short 3 minute product demo.


Find information up to 83% faster with SmartFill, a quick and easy Google-style data search tool for Dynamics GP. With SmartFill you just type whatever you know into the search bar. Even if you only have a few letters of a name or part of an item ID, within a few seconds you’ll see a full listing of matches.  You’ll even see similar items that might have typos so you don’t enter anything twice.

Watch this short 4 minute SmartFill demo.

Email Remittance

This easy to use plug-in tool provides a fast & efficient method of delivering and storing remittance advices. Whether paying by cheque or EFT, a remittance advice can be sent electronically against a select batch or as individual documents against a select creditor. Remittances can be retrieved at any time to re-send or re-print.

Read the Email Remittance brochure to learn more.

Mass Update GP with TitaniumGP

If you are updating sales orders one at a time, order by order, line by line…stop! With TitaniumGP you can easily update over 45 different fields in the Dynamics GP Sales Transaction Entry Window. This tool applies to all master data too!

Watch this 2 minute demo to learn more.

If you’re interested in learning more about these products or how some of our other services and solutions can meet the evolving needs of your growing and maturing organization be sure to contact us.

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