4 Useful Tableau 8 Features That Benefit Everyone


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With the Tableau 8.1 release, you have the option of  using a 32bit or 64bit version of Tableau Software’s products. How do you choose which version to use? In general, the simple golden rule is to ensure that the software you install on an OS matches the OS version (64bit vs 32bit). Keep in mind that while a 64bit Version of Tableau will not install on a 32bit OS, it is possible to install the 32bit version of Tableau in a 64bit OS.

Why is the 64bit version more valuable? The 64bit version of Tableau takes advantage of the ability to address larger chunks of memory and is less likely to encounter “out of memory” issues when working with large amounts of data. 64bit is meant to improve speed; you are now able to access and address more data therefore you can see some results a little bit quicker. Although this change may be inconsequential for users who don’t handle large datasets, this ability will help make the Tableau experience more seamless.

Do keep in mind that when using 64bit version of Tableau that you will be required to use 64bit versions of it’s data drivers as well.

Copying From Dashboard to Dashboard

tableau 8.1

You can copy worksheets and dashboard elements across different workbooks, including the data sources that the worksheet or dashboard is connected to. Doing this during the development process of any dashboard iteration is a great ability. By having the ability to copy a workbook and dashboard, you are no longer forced to start from scratch if you have different business analysts using the software.  You can now combine their worksheets to build more seamless dashboards.

SAML Authentication


Tableau Server can now be delegated to SAML Authentication. SAML Authentication is an open-source authentication method that can be federated to Microsoft Active Directory to allow you to create a single sign on experience in a mixed infrastructure environment.

This will allow you to seamlessly integrate Tableau Server into your core business alongside other internal applications for a fluid business experience.

Web Authoring in the Tableau Android App

tableau android app

What was once a coveted and exclusive feature of the Apple iPad is no longer; introducing web authoring to Android Tablets. Have the ability to:

  • Analyze your data
  • Drag and Drop to make quick changes
  • Modify existing Charts and views
  • Save them for future use as a new version or the same
  • Make new views

All of this is now available at your fingertips on any android tablet.

For more features visit tableau’s website. 

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