5 Benefits of the Engineering Change Management Module

Microsoft has announced their public release of the new feature, the Engineering Change Management module in Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, within the Supply Chain Management app. For some of you, this is not new news. In fact, you can find a quick vlog that I put together where I walked through some of the functionality of the Engineering Change Management (ECM) module. If you are new to the module or functionality, I would recommend watching the quick 7-minute video. The ECM module has fairly simple functionality that provides product control with little overhead, and for this post, I wanted to highlight some of the key benefits to the ECM module.

Now, when I say this module is simple, it truly is simplistic in its functionality and set up. There are not a lot of menu options, and the setup configuration is light. Typically, initial training can be completed within a short time, depending on your timeline and business requirements. However, do not let this simplicity underestimate its value. This module is nicely interwoven into the fabric of the system to offer your organizations a spectacular level of product information precision.

Why Are We at Encore so Focused on This One Module?

We think this module has a lot of value to offer our clients and we are ready to showcase our knowledge. Also, we want to inspire others to utilize their systems to its full potential. Perhaps this is something your organization is not utilizing today, but you may see value for the future. Maybe your organization is looking to upgrade from an existing version of Dynamics AX, and this new module could provide a lot of added value to your system. Or, maybe you are considering switching to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management – either way, currently there is not a lot of information around this module. Our goal is to 1) inform, and 2) promote. We want to share our knowledge for everyone to see and offer our capabilities to assist your organization in successfully implementing this module today. Whether you already have Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management, looking to upgrade, or making the big switch – we are ready to meet your needs!

The 5 Benefits of the Engineering Change Management Module

5. Brings stronger data management through version control and engineering change management

Each version can be activated or inactivated, set effectivity dates, set a Lifecycle State, Engineering Attributes, Documents attached, separate or multiple Bill of Materials/Formula, and Routes, and all this information is contained in the Engineering Versions of that product.

Engineering Change Management

4. Discrete/process manufacturers can manage changes in components/ingredients (BOMs/Formulas), routes, co- and by- products

Create/manage alternate BOMs for the product version. Easily see all associated BOMs/Formulas with versioned product.

engineering change management

3. Product changes can be managed using workflow and can control the product lifecycle across entities

Workflow to assist with Engineering Change Requests and Change Orders. Once a change request has been submitted, users will be notified they need to take action. Large and small organizations can take advantage of native workflow functionality to assist with product engineering changes and reduce or eliminate the need for additional external communication.

engineering change management

2. Brings structure and discipline to the product data management process

Versioned products and new versions have release control. Versioned products cannot be transacted upon until they have been released to the legal entities for use. The system can be configured to automatically release products OR the system can be configured to require manual acceptance before the product is released in the legal entity. Users and management will be able to see and filter through all product releases.

engineering change management

1. Gives you increased data quality and reliability, making changes smoother, reduces time to market

Changes to Bills of Materials or Formulas are managed by Change Requests and Change Orders. Change requests can initiated by system users and relate them to production orders, sales orders, and purchase orders. Users provide additional details for the change request, provide attachments, notes, associate products, and link the source of the change request (sales order, purchase order, etc.).

Product changes will now follow a systematic change process to allow visibility and provide a clear history of product change request and orders. Users will now be able to submit changes via internal system operation; no more lost emails.

engineering change management

Overall, I am excited about the new functionality of the new ECM module and ready to start working with new and existing clients to showcase our knowledge. I think ECM offers a low overhead solution to manage your products effectively, reduce time to market by allowing users to request changes, is workflow ready, and provides detailed history of changes to products. We have been working with ECM when it was an ISV and we are thrilled to see that it is now incorporated as part of the D365 Supply Chain Management license.

If you have additional questions about this module or other modules within Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management, please reach out to Encore to let us help you today.

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