New Features in Dynamics GP | Part 1

As you may have heard, there is a new version of Dynamics GP! It was released October 1st, 2019, and the name of this version is ‘Dynamics GP’ with no number following. Throughout the next few months, we will continue to update you with new features that this version has. Don’t forget to update your email preferences so you can get the most up to date information sent right to your inbox.

1. Copy Report Options

This feature lets you take an existing report option and use it to start a new report option for the same report. When you select the copy action, it will replace all the settings on your current report with the settings from the selected copy report including destination and email options.

2. User Access Enhancements

This feature will be visible in the User Access Setup. First, you can choose to filter inactive users. This filter will be saved the next time you open the window. Second, you can change the sort order of companies in the company display scrolling window. You can sort by company name or company ID. Microsoft has also added a database name to the scrolling window, giving you better visibility on how multiple companies are configured. You can also use a ‘Find By Field’ to search company names.

3. Export or Import Workflow

A new workflow feature is the ability to export and import workflows. If you export a workflow, a .json file will be created with the format of the workflow. When you import a workflow, you identify the workflow .json file and the system will create a new workflow in your company.

4. Security Task Approval and Security Roles Approval

Security Task Approval lets you edit the operations that are assigned to a task or create a new task; if the workflow is active, the workflow actions will displace on Security Task Setup. The Security Roles Approval lets you edit the operations that are assigned to a role or create a new role. If the workflow is active, the workflow actions will display on Security Role Setup. The workflows are available in Workflow Maintenance under the Administration group.

5. Add Doc Attach to Bank Reconciliation

Document Attachment functionality is now added to Bank Reconciliation. You can attach, view, and edit documents in Bank Deposit Entry, Bank Transaction Entry, Bank Deposit Inquiry Zoom, and Bank transaction Inquiry Zoom. You can attach images, text files, or assign attributes to the attachments to further describe them.

More information about these features can be found here: What’s New in Dynamics GP in October 2019.

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