5 Rockton Software Products to Make Your Life Simpler and Easier

Rockton Software has many products that can help make your life simpler and easier. These tools help you increase productivity, which of course saves you time and money.

1. SmartFill

Rockton’s SmartFill product allows you to quickly find the record you need, rather than having to go through the involved, multi-step search process in Microsoft Dynamics GP. You can type in what you know and let SmartFill find your matches. Say you are looking for your cash accounts – SmartFill can return all the results including the word ‘CASH’ in seconds.

rockton smartfill

SmartFill comes with many default objects so when you need to search customers, vendors, accounts, etc. it is ready to go. This makes it simple and easy to find the record you need instantly. Of course, you can always create custom objects to work in other fields in GP.

2. Auditor

Auditor is great product for any company to have. Not just because it is helpful in tracking fraudulent activities, but also to help in troubleshooting, performance evaluations for employees, and even procedural clarification.

Have you ever had those records that just magically change to something else or even just disappear? With Auditor, you can set up an audit on that field to track when it was changed and what user made the change. Knowing  the who, what, and when of a change is valuable information to have.

rockton auditor

When someone new is hired, there is always some ramp up time needed to learn their job. Auditor is a helpful evaluation tool. You can audit their work to make sure they are entering things correctly and coach them on processes to make sure they are following them correctly. It can also be used to track how many transactions they are entering. You can set Auditor to track records they add or delete as well as changes they make to existing records. You can then set up their manager as an Auditor Admin to receive notifications on specific changes, or you can view the Audits SmartList to see what this user has been doing. Using the Access option in Auditor makes it easy to select which users you wish to track, so you are only tracking information for the new user.

3. Dynamics GP Toolbox

The Dynamics GP Toolbox has many valuable tools. In fact, there are so many that I can’t even explain them all here. Below are some of the most popular tools to give you an idea of what Toolbox can do.

Inactivity Timeout is a great tool to have when you have users who log into GP, but never bother to log out. With this tool, you don’t have to worry about going in and kicking out an inactive user. If the user is inactive for a predetermined amount of time, they will be gracefully logged out of GP, freeing up a license for someone else to use.

Security Manager is one of the most helpful tools in Toolbox. Using this tool, you can easily view and manage your security settings. In one window you can see the roles, tasks, and task details assigned to each user. Plus, you can easily change a user’s role here. With the Security Settings window, you can see which Task and Role a window is attached to so you can give the appropriate security to the user.

rockton security manager

The Task Builder tool makes it simple and easy to create a new security task. Rather than using the Security Task Maintenance window, where you have to make sure you select the right product, series, and type, just use the Task Builder in Dynamics GP Toolbox to easily add the windows you require on that task.

With the System Lockout tool, you no longer need to send out an email when you want users to stay out of GP. Just enable the System Lockout and they will receive a message when trying to log in. You can also set a scheduled time for the lockout. This is great if you don’t want users logging in after hours.

Inspector is beneficial for the IT department and those users in charge of creating new reports or SmartLists. You can use Inspector to see the technical information behind a window. This way you know what tables a specific window field is held in.

PopUps and Object PopUps allow you to put notes on windows and fields. It’s a great way to add reminders to specific windows or for specific records. For example, you may want to remind users what options to mark when they run Paid Transaction Removal. You can add a PopUp to that window, giving them instructions. Perhaps you have some customers who get extra special treatment when they call. You can add an Object PopUp for those customers so when a user enters the customer on a transaction, the note pops up.

rockton popups

4. Dynamics Report Manager

Dynamics Report Manager (DRM) makes printing reports simple and easy. You can print reports from Crystal, SSRS, and others right from within GP. You don’t have to go to the other systems to print. To make it even easier, you can set up launch points to print the reports from the Additional menu on a window, from the shortcut bar, based on the print button, and many other options. This saves time when needing to print and making the report easy to find.

rockton dynamics report manager

The best things is that you can email these reports to other people in your company or even to your customers. This is a great way to easily email your SSRS or Crystal Report invoices to your customers with the click of a button. It makes reporting simple and easy.

5. Omni Price

Lastly, is Omni Price. This is a great product to help you with your special pricing needs. It is built on top of GP’s standard pricing, but allows you extra flexibility in Invoicing and Sales Order Processing. You can create special pricing to calculate adjustments, markups, markdowns, percent of price or cost, or even just a fixed price. You can specify customers, dates, items, and much more to determine the special pricing. The best part is that it is easy to set up using one main window!

Test one of the products above in your current Microsoft Dynamics GP. Take advantage of our 30 day trial period by contacting the Rockton Software Sales Team at sales@rocktonsoftware.com. For more information on the Rockton Software suite of products, visit our website at www.rocktonsoftware.com.

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