50 Examples of CRM Custom Contact Fields

SwiftRM offers you 5 custom fields on every contact record.  You use these to make sure that you are collecting the right kind of relationship data for your business. Here are 50 examples of custom fields you may choose to use for your implementation.

  1. Gender (Pick List)
  2. Birthday (Date)
  3. Marital Status (Pick List)
  4. Spouse’s Name (Text)
  5. Anniversary(Date)
  6. Fax Number (Number)
  7. Favourite Colour (Pick List)
  8. Favourite Food (Pick List)
  9. Employment Status (Pick List)
  10. Job Type (Pick List)
  11. T-Shirt Size (Pick List)
  12. Pant Size (Pick List)
  13. Yearly Income (Number)
  14. Length of time at current job (Number)
  15. Department (Text)
  16. Manager’s Name (Text)
  17. Manager’s Phone Number (Text)
  18. Assistant’ Name (Text)
  19. Assistant’s Phone Number (Text)
  20. Credit Limit (Text)
  21. Payment Terms (Text)
  22. Preferred Contact Time (Pick List)
  23. Preferred Contact Day (Pick List)
  24. Preferred Facility/Equipment (Pick List)
  25. Date of last purchase (Date)
  26. Amount of last purchase (Number)
  27. Last Donation Amount (Number)
  28. Last Donation Date (Date)
  29. Professional Accreditation (Yes/No)
  30. Interested in ______ Product (Yes/No)
  31. Owns _______ Product (Yes/No)
  32. LinkedIn Profile URL (URL)
  33. Facebook Profile URL (URL)
  34. Twitter Handle (Text)
  35. Contact Belongs to __________ Committee (Text or Pick List)
  36. How they heard about your organization (Pick List)
  37. School Attended (Text)
  38. Target Retirement Age (Number)
  39. Hometown (Text or Map)
  40. Membership Expiry Date (Date)
  41. Credit Score (Number)
  42. Loan Amount (Number)
  43. Contact “Type” (Pick List)
  44. Is customer a reference or evangelist? (Yes/No)
  45. Customer “Score” (Pick List or Number)
  46. Willingness to travel (Pick List)
  47. Attends company events (Yes/No)
  48. User Login Name (Text)
  49. User Login Password (Text)
  50. Frequency of using products (Pick List)
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