Part 1 – How to Plan a Microsoft Dynamics GP Upgrade

Keeping up with the changes in technology can be challenging and overwhelming. We’ve listed the key steps to planning a Microsoft Dynamics GP upgrade to help assist you in your decision-making. This is Part 1 of a 3 Part blog series on planning a Microsoft Dynamics GP Upgrade. Read Part 2 here.

6 Key Steps to Planning an Upgrade

  1. Determine when and how often your business should upgrade.
    It’s important to decide which upgrade path suits your business best. You will want to ensure your availability and make sure users are able to complete testing and attend training so they can put what they learned to good use.
  1. Do we require a test upgrade?
    A test upgrade, though not always necessary, is recommended if you have multiple add on products, customizations, or integrations. The test environment provides a place to try it with your own data before putting it into your production environment.
  1. Should we evaluate moving to Azure (aka the cloud)?
    Since part of the upgrade process usually involves a new server, it’s a good idea to review cloud options like Microsoft Windows Azure. No matter which option is selected, the upgrade process itself mostly stays the same.  If you need some guidance on the topic, please contact our experts to walk you through it.
  1. Who is responsible for managing the project internally?
    Assign a technical resource and power user from your team.  These resources should work directly with your Encore Representative, covering both the technical parts of upgrading, and application improvements offered when upgrading.
  1. Know why you’re upgrading?
    Each version offers advancements, improved efficiencies, and new functions and features. If there are features, functions, or modules that have been available for a while that have been on your business wish list, now is a great time to add that to your training list.
  1. Should we attempt upgrading on our own?
    Some customers do have the talent and expertise to properly execute an upgrade, but many don’t.  Though the process isn’t complicated, you must adhere to hundreds of steps. By engaging Encore, experts that live and breathe the entire process, a successful update that saves you time and money is ensured.

View the full Upgrade Planning Guide here.

If at any time, you need an expert to help walk through all the options to build out the optimal plan, Encore has the resources to help you, just reach out to

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