A Team Based Microsoft Dynamics Consulting Approach

One thing I have grown to appreciate about working at Encore is the support network we have built with each other among the consultants.

Helen Keller once said “alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” This proves to be very true when it comes to ’s professional culture.

Diversity is a strength

At there are a large variety of consultants with an enormous amount of experience. What it means for us as consultants is that we have an incredible amount of valuable resources to draw upon when we are tackling problems in our day to day consulting assignments.

With the wide variety of industry knowledge and experience that each consultant brings to the table, we have the unique opportunity to help each other with challenging problems. Not only are we able to provide answers to each other’s questions, we are able often to present more than one way of solving the problem.

Why not tackle it together

While there might be other consulting organizations that take a more independent consulting approach, at consulting engagements are team based with a lead consultant being assigned to a customer complimented with a few supporting consultants.

One of the reasons for this is that if one of the individuals in our group finds a particular task challenging or a special treatment is needed for a custom request – the whole team gets the opportunity to learn from the assignment.

When a solution is discovered it is shared amongst the group and thereby helpful for when the next customer makes the same request (or we come across the same challenging situation).

Secondly, by having a good communications structure between the group of consultants, we find we are able to rely on support from our teams and it is much easier to try new approaches to problems. In the end it makes us all stronger as consultants because we know that if we do get stuck we have the ability to reach out to others.

Brainstorming from various angles

One example of this teamwork is played out is in our weekly status meetings. We meet each week and it is there that we take the opportunity to brainstorm ideas with each other and provide guidance and help where needed.

It is precisely because we have consultants in such a large variety of areas; accounting, project management, business intelligence, programming, manufacturing, and so on, that we are able to come up with ideas that are so much more powerful than if we were working alone.

The strong culture of teamwork among the consultants is one of the things that I find unique about Encore Business Solutions and it allows us to grow faster in our professional experience then if we were working more independently.

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