Adjusting Email for Remittance Advice in Dynamics 365 Business Central

This article will guide you through the process for adjusting your email body in Dynamics 365 Business Central for sending remittance advice. Adjusting your email body enables you to streamline your business processes by leveraging a default template, ensuring consistent communication, while saving you time when sending remittance advice.

You can send remittance advice in two different ways: Payment Journal and Vendor Ledger Entries. The example below is for using “Payment Journal” to email remittance advice.

For this example, I will be using Microsoft 365, a shared mailbox that is not specific to any user in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Adjusting Email Body – Payment Journal

Once you have set up your email, you can adjust the email body. The email body can be adjusted so that each time you send remittance advice, a default email body will show up.

This will help streamline your business processes and save time and effort when sending remittance advice.

Step 1:

Begin by searching “Report Selection Purchase” and navigate to the window. Once you are in the Report Selection – Purchase window, click on the drop-down menu for the “Usage” section, and select “Vendor Remittance.” The default Report ID will autopopulate once you select the useage type.

Take note of the “Report ID” (In this example it is 10083)

Screenshot in the report selection - purchase window highlighting the usage and Report ID.

Step 2: Search “Custom Report Layout”

From the header click “New.” Once you are in a new window, enter your Report ID noted in step 1, select “Insert Word Layout”, and click OK.

Screenshot of "Custom Report Layout" highlighting the report ID and "Insert Word Layout".

Step 3: Next, within the “Custom Word Layout”, search 10083.

Screenshot of the Custom Report Layouts window highlighting the report ID and type.

Make sure under “Type” it shows “Word.”

In the Header section click “Layout” – “Export Layout.”

Screenshot in "Custom Report Layouts" window highlighting "Layout" and "Export Layout".

Note: If “Layout” option is not visible, maximize your Custom Report Layout Window and click on the 3 Horizontal Dots.

Step 4: After clicking “Export Layout”, a word document will be downloaded.

Note that if the file already has data on it, close it and make a new Word Document on your computer.

Open a new file in Word and type in the content you wish to use as your default email body. Save and close the file.

Screenshot in Word of a draft email body.

Step 5: Open the Custom Report Layouts window again.

Screenshot in the "Custom Report Layouts" window highlighting "Layout" and "Import Layout".

Click “Layout” – “Import Layout”.

Import the Word file that you created to use for default remittance advice.

Step 6: Search “Report Selection Purchase” and open “Vendor Remittance” as shown in step 1.

Select “Use for Email Body” and, under “Email Body Layout Description”, select your Word file.

Now we have successfully adjusted the email body so that our default body will be automatically visible whenever we send email for Remittance Advice.

Note: We are using this option to make sure Business Central automatically defaults a preselected email body layout each time you send a remittance advice email.

Screenshot of the "Report Selection - Purchase" window highlighting the "Email Body Layout Description" and the selection of the "Used for Email Body" box.

Vendor Ledger Entries

If you want to use “Vendor Ledger Entries” to email remittance advice, then:

In the first step select “Vendor Remittance – Posted Entries” instead of “Vendor Remittance” and follow the same steps in order.

Screenshot of the "Report Selection - Purchase" window highlighting "Vendor Remittance - Posted Entries" as the usage type.

To learn more about how to edit the layouts for remittance advice or the email body in Dynamics 365 Business Central, please contact us.


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