Adobe Acrobat Updates | ePayStub Locking up GP

ePayStub is our Dynamics GP add-on solution for Canadian Payroll that enables you to email employee paystubs and T4s, T4As, and R1s through Microsoft Dynamics GP. Recently we have received reports from some of our ePayStub clients that they are unable to email out PDF’d pay-stubs, and that Dynamics GP had locked up. This issue has been identified and is a result of the April 2019 Adobe Acrobat update.

Dynamics GP and ePayStub send the pay-stub in a post script file format for Adobe to convert to a PDF. The latest update for Adobe Acrobat contains a new trust setting which alerts the user as each file is sent with the following notification:

It has been observed that this message does not necessarily come to the foreground, so in most cases users are not even be aware of the alert message.

To resolve this issue, you will need to perform the following:

  1. Restart your machine, as the latest updates will not have been fully deployed until the machine has been restarted.
  2. Disable the security warning message before postscript to PDF file conversion for both Adobe Acrobat Writer and Adobe Acrobat Distiller. Details regarding these steps are located below and at the following URL:

Preference to Disable Security Warning Dialog in Acrobat

Available in: Acrobat DC

1. In Acrobat, go to Edit > Preferences (Windows), or Acrobat > Preferences (Mac)
2. In the left pane, select Convert to PDF. In the Converting To PDF section, select PostScript/EPS and click Edit Settings.

3. In the Adobe PDF Settings dialog, deselect the option Always Show File Trust Dialog Before Conversion and click OK.

4. Click OK.

Preference to Disable Security Warning Dialog in Distiller

Available in: Acrobat Distiller DC

1. Open Adobe Acrobat Distiller DC.
2. Go to File > Preferences.
3. In the Security section of the Preferences dialog, select the option Trust All Files Opened Via Acrobat Distiller.

4. Click OK.

If you have any questions about our add-on solutions for Dynamics GP, please contact us.

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