An Invaluable Resource: The Microsoft Dynamics Professional Service Tools Library

I’d like to introduce you to the Microsoft Dynamics Professional Services Tools Library (PSTL).   These tools can help you consolidate and change your critical data quickly and accurately, offering greater flexibility, increased productivity and ensures data integrity.

With 40 tools in the PSTL, and 14 of these tools FREE to you, there is something for everyone in this library.


  • Ever want to prevent cheques from being created when under a certain dollar amount?  You can with Payables Minimum Check Utility, and it’s Free!
  • Wish the User Date would change to the next day when GP is left open?  The Update User Date Tool does just that, it’s Free too!
  • Want to consolidate cheques to the same vendor?  Use the Payables Select Checks Combiner, another Free Tool!

Learn all about it here, or give me a call at 888.898.4330 ext. 329.

Dynamics GP Coffee Break | Setting up ACH and EFT in Dynamics GP

This webinar will go through the basics of setting up ACH / EFT for accounts payable and accounts receivable. We'll walk you through the settings and the default setups.

May 21
9:00 am – 9:25 am

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Webinar - Setting up ACH and EFT in GP

May. 21
9:00 am – 9:25 am