User Access Restrictions in Dynamics GP2016

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If you have been using Analytical Accounting, you will know how frustrating it is to try to enter and post a transaction to a new Dimension Code only to realize that you can’t because you don’t have access to it. Off you go to find someone who can grant the access and then eventually get back to posting the transaction.

In GP2016 you can now setup up automatic assignment of User ID’s to all Dimension Codes.  Navigate to Tools>>Setup>>Company>>Analytical Accounting>>User Access and remove the checkmark in the box next to “Restrict User Access”.

By default the Restrict User Access will be marked, which means then that you must navigate to the User Access window to give each and every user access to the new Dimension Code for Distribute and Adjust as required.

If you remove the checkmark for the “Restrict User Access” then all users will have access to all Dimension Codes as they are created and no further restrictions are applied.

Dynamics GP 2016

Note: You can also change your mind and decide to check the box and restrict user access once again.  The last known user setting will default in so you can pick up where you left off.

In my experience with Analytical Accounting users, most users, if not all users would prefer to not have any restrictions on the Dimension Codes.  If you are wondering how Dimension Codes could work for you, please contact

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