Application Erosion and the Importance of Ongoing ERP Training

Have you ever heard the expression “application erosion”?

Most organizations suffer from it at some level.

It applies to:

  • Software investments
  • Reduced use of the functionality over time and
  • Decision makers thinking  that current software applications are incapable of handling operations and reporting requirements of the organization.

Consider these scenarios:

  1. Jane has been with Company A for just 6 months. She is responsible for Accounts Payable and was trained by her predecessor who has since left the company. Jane is busy and only knows enough about the software capability to get her day to day job functions done.
  2. Critical operations of Company B are processed in an external application and need to be imported into Microsoft Dynamics GP. When the systems were initially setup, integrations were created to automate this process, but an error occurred at some point and the resources responsible reverted to time consuming manual entry because they didn’t know where to go to correct the problem.

These are both very real examples of application erosion!

People involved in initial software evaluation, selection, implementation and training learn how to use the features and benefit from improved processes and automation. As the company grows, the team changes, turnover takes place and new people receive training from an employee who only shows them what’s needed to complete the daily tasks required to get the job done.

Suddenly, a team who was using 80% of the functionality of the software is now using 60%. As time passes, this percentage reduces to the point where it is determined (often wrongly) that the current software is inadequate.

We don’t want this to happen to you!

We believe you have a sound investment in the Microsoft Dynamics applications you use today!

Ongoing training will educate you, make you think about software options and will open your eyes to the possibilities. You will leave confident that your current software is capable of much more and that it will support your growth well into the future.

Do you have a Jane?

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