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By Darren Atkins May 13, 2021

ERP Software Research & Development Spend

In Sun Tzu–The Art of War for Managers ©2001 by Gerald A. Michaelson, on the point about “Marshal Adequate Resources”, we’re talking about having enough wherewithal or resources to successfully carry out a military campaign, or in this case, run a successful business or practice. From Webster’s Dictionary, “marshal” can mean to “bring together and…

By Darren Atkins August 17, 2020

Dynamics NAV Upgrade Part I: What if I Do Nothing?

Read Part 2 here: Upgrade vs. Reimplementation No one just wakes up in the morning and says, hey, maybe just for fun I want to upgrade my Microsoft Dynamics NAV system today. Usually some event or incident triggers the need to upgrade your legacy ERP solution like a cybersecurity issue or lost backups. When a…

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