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By Pierre Manaigre August 29, 2019

Windows 7 Expiring

In 4 months, if your business is still running Windows 7, you are at risk. After January 14th, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates to you. Thankfully you have options to help bring your company to the latest version of Windows and enjoy the modern desktop experience.  Using Upgrade Readiness, you can take advantage of a free Analysis…

By Pierre Manaigre August 8, 2019

Four Ways Your Business Can Use Machine Learning

Machine Learning can take your business to the next level. There are so many opportunities for you to capitalize and differentiate yourself from your competitors. For example, in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, you can add a Predicted Probability field to your Leads and Opportunities screens. This will use Azure Machine Learning to predict the outcome…

By Pierre Manaigre December 20, 2018

Windows 10 | Nearby Sharing

Nearby sharing in Windows 10 lets you share documents, photos, links to websites, and more with nearby devices by using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. To use Nearby sharing, both PCs—the one you’re sharing from and the one you’re sharing to—must have Bluetooth and must be running Windows 10 (version 1803 or later). To find out which…

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