Before Running HITB Reset Tools in Dynamics GP

In Dynamics GP, when running your HITB (Historical Inventory Trial Balance) report, do you find it isn’t populating the data correctly even after running the HITB Reset process? Whenever customers face issues with their HITB report populating incorrect data, Microsoft recommends running the HITB Reset process, details on this can be found in a previous Encore blog here.

We have found that many times, even though the HITB reset tool is run, the data is still incorrect for the HITB report. Below we will talk about the steps you need to perform before running the HITB reset process.

Please perform these steps in test company first before running them in production. Currently, our standard recommendation would be to run the following SQL scripting against the erring company database prior to running the HITB reset process to ensure it is working with vacant table content only:





DELETE SY01401 WHERE coDefaultType = 5597

(The SY01401 table associates Dynamics GP processes with a User ID by default so clearing this table out for the ‘5597’ HITB reset process will ensure the user performing the new activity will be the recommended ‘sa’ user)

For more details on this process in Dynamics GP, please contact the Encore team.

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