Top 5 Sessions At the Tableau Customer Conference

Looking at the Best of the Tableau Customer Conference

The Tableau Customer Conference 2014 is fast approaching; it’s on September 8-12 in Seattle Washington.  This year’s theme is Destination Data and will be the 7th Annual Tableau Customer Conference. If you like what you see, register for the Tableau Customer Conference 2014!

Let’s look back at the Tableau Customer Conference 2013 (TCC 2013) for those of us who missed it. Tableau has kindly provided the Top 5 rated sessions from 2013 for everyone to see:

Putting Data in the Hands of Stakeholders by Barclays

Ever consider empowering your stakeholders even further? Barclays did just that by providing dashboards to their stakeholders to provide in depth access so they can make the right decisions. This helped them resolve complaints as well as allowed them to identify their most profitable customers.

Playstation: Data Visualization at the Speed of Gaming by Sony Playstation

Playstation, a brand that everyone has heard and seen before, uses Tableau. They use it to analyze gameplay metrics to make better and smarter decisions on development costs. Take a look to see how their BI team brought them success and saved them money.

Optimizing the Largest Retail Network in North America by Redbox

Distribution is the name of Redbox’s game with over 42,000 kiosks at 34,000 locations, a challenge that is beyond the realm of most organizations. Tableau helped them in maintaining their growing by knowing where to place their new kiosks to make the most impact.

Always be Closing: LinkedIn Turns Big Data into Sales with Tableau by LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the nexus of data in terms of our professional lives. With such large volumes of data, their Business Analysts needed a flexible and powerful tool to help them not only scale their business but to understand it.

How Tableau Makes Being a Little Dangerous Extremely Dangerous by RadiumOne

RadiumOne is a digital advertising platform. It’s enterprise technology enables them to quickly build out marketing strategies across social and mobile platforms. Understanding how to effectively market requires analytics that can easily be done with Tableau.  Tableau helped them understand their business in near real time.

For all the other Tableau Customer Conference 2013 check out this link.

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