Canadian Payroll ROE Information

Regrettably the Year End tax update came with a couple of problems for ROE production. The good news is Microsoft will be releasing a hotfix in March and they assure us it will address the current issues. If you are affected by these issues you will need to install the hotfix. If you are able to use the work-a-rounds in your system, you can wait until the next tax update in July.

1.  New ROE does not have the F tag in the BLK file telling the ROE Web to print ROE in French

  • This will only affect French installations. If you require a work-around for this issue, please let us know and we will work this out with Microsoft.

2.  ROE Markoff functionality is not working

  • There have been mixed results with this. Some clients are reporting this is not working and some have had no trouble.
  • You can check if yours has worked by running the following scripts after you have run the ROE Markoff process.

SELECT PMarkedOff, * from CPY30250 Where PEmployeeID = ‘XXXX’
SELECT PMarkedOff, * from CPY50250 Where PEmployeeID = ‘XXXX’

Where XXXX = the Employee ID that has been marked off. The value in the PMarkedOff field should be 1

Work Around
•  It seems the Markoff is working if you choose the second Markoff Type as “ROE Issued Master file: Generated”

3.  Comments on more than one line in the window Payroll ROE Creation – Canada Box 18 causes the file to fail.

Work Around
•  Only enter one line of comment

4.  Payroll ROE Amounts – Canada Box 19 error when date is entered

Work Around
• Leave Box 19 date Blank
• Modify the BLK file (open in Notepad)
And replace the text by this:
<SP cd=

5.  The BLK is skipping weeks with no activity. Services Canada made a late change and stated that between periods this was to be indicated by zero’s not blanks.

Work Around
• Modify the BLK file
o In the file you need to see each consecutive week listed. If you have zero dollar weeks they are not showing in the file and CRA has asked for them.
o Find the list of weeks in the file (see example 1)
  Note: You can see the zero value weeks are missing

Example 1

Payroll 1

o Add a line for each zero value week (see example 2)

Example 2

payroll 2

Again, Microsoft has assured us these fixes will be looked after with the next hotfix planned to be released in March. If for whatever reason you require further assistance or have questions or concerns please let us know.

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