By Debra Huntly October 20, 2020

OH CANADA! What’s Happening to our 2020 T4s?

Updated as of December 21, 2020:  Tax updates have been released! GP2018 MicrosoftDynamicsGP18-KB4569478-ENU.msp GP Version 18.3.1200 Canadian Payroll Version 18.3.1227 GP2016 MicrosoftDynamicsGP16-KB4569480-ENU.msp GP Version 16.00.0864 Canadian Payroll Version 16.00.0870 Changes have been made to allow users to key in amounts in the T4 Other window for the following COVID-19 information: Code 57, Code 58, Code…

By The Encore Team October 6, 2020

Why You Should Go Paperless

In today’s world of instant access, people are used to having any information they want or need available in seconds – whether they’re at home on their laptop or tablet, or at the pool on their mobile device. Then why is it so difficult to find the information you need, when you need it while…

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