By Adobe Sign April 12, 2019

Just Sign Here | Emerging Requirements for e-Signatures

The latest on emerging legal requirements for global e-signatures. This blog originally appeared here. *Please join us on May 14 for a webinar with Adobe Sign: Transforming your Digital Signature Process with Adobe Sign for Dynamics 365. Register here. You send a work order and wait patiently for a signature. Twenty-four hours pass and still…

By Shannon Walsh December 19, 2018

Frontier of Digital Change

I am always impressed by the sheer scope and size of User Group Summit conferences, held this year in Phoenix, Arizona on October 15 – 18th, and it did not disappoint. This massive event is by far the premier Dynamics User Group conference in North America and as advertised attracted thousands of Dynamics users and…

By Eric Osborne October 12, 2018

356,000 Reasons to Boost Efficiency

The AHA! Moment: How Efficiency Impacts Labor Savings Reducing the purchasing cycle has a hidden cost savings benefit you shouldn’t ignore—labor. We’ve covered the fact that implementing a cost containment strategy can boost organizational efficiency and reduce the purchasing cycle by 30%. That in itself is a substantial benefit. While immediately saving your purchasing manager critical time…

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