By Darren Atkins June 24, 2020

Dynamics ERP Upgrade Part I: What if I Do Nothing?

No one just wakes up in the morning and says, hey, maybe just for fun I want to upgrade my Dynamics ERP system today. Usually some event or incident triggers the need to upgrade your legacy ERP solution. ERP systems are notorious for having “painful” (costly, time-consuming, disruptive) upgrades. To understand why, you must first…

By Sana Commerce June 18, 2020

Tackling Supply Chain Optimization and Customer Experience | Guide for B2B Businesses (Video)

Across the world, the pandemic is impacting lives, businesses, and economies alike. For organizations hoping to minimize its negative repercussions and capitalize on a worldwide shift toward digital channels, e-commerce is more critical than ever. Not only are supply chains suffering from inventory shortages and production delays, but one-third of organizations expect “moderate to severe”…

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