By Darren Atkins May 13, 2021

ERP Software Research & Development Spend

In Sun Tzu–The Art of War for Managers ©2001 by Gerald A. Michaelson, on the point about “Marshal Adequate Resources”, we’re talking about having enough wherewithal or resources to successfully carry out a military campaign, or in this case, run a successful business or practice. From Webster’s Dictionary, “marshal” can mean to “bring together and…

By The Encore Team February 25, 2021

True Sky: Advanced Budgeting for Business Central (Video)

In this recorded webinar, see how True Sky gives you complete control over the budgeting process while leveraging the power and functionality of Excel. True Sky integrates seamlessly with Business Central for real-time access to all pertinent budget information.  True Sky’s easy to use interface, powerful data tools, and sophisticated access to data and…

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