By Justin Pethick December 10, 2018

The Gamification Solution in Microsoft Dynamics 365

What is Gamification? Is it trying to motivate your employees by turning a business process into a game? Not really, it is much more than that. Gamification is technically applying the principles of a game where you would not typically find them. It is used to improve user engagement, productivity, learning and much more. How…

By The Encore Team December 3, 2018

Why is Encore Care Right for You? (Infographic)

Encore Care is our custom brand of support that encompasses all of our client support offerings. We offer a team of specialists as part of your extended team to help you when you need it most. We offer a number of Encore Care Programs that cover all our Dynamics Products, check out the infographic below to learn…

By Youngha Kim November 30, 2018

Newest Features in Dynamics 365 You Are Not Using (Video)

 If you enjoyed this video, check out these videos: 10 Totally Doable User Adoption Tips, and How to Get Sales to Love CRM Back. TRANSCRIPT Hello, everyone. Welcome to the “Newest Features of Dynamics 365 You’re not Using.” I am your presenter here from Encore Business Solutions. My name is Youngha Kim. I’ve been working…

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