By Gary Harrison March 3, 2021

Power Apps Portals | Entity Forms Part A

This blog is part of an evolving series on Power Apps Portals in Dynamics 365, go here to view the Introductory blog with chapters. Entity Forms are an essential component in Portal development. They are a mainstream method of presenting form data on the Portal so a user can add or edit records that will appear in…

By Gary Harrison January 6, 2021

Microsoft Power Automate | Cognito Forms

Overview This blog will provide a brief introduction to Power Automate (formerly called Microsoft Flow) and Cognito Forms and will demonstrate an integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solutions (otherwise known as CE) and Cognito Forms using Power Automate. Power Automate is a powerful cloud-based service that allows us to build automated workflows, connecting two or…

By Gary Harrison December 8, 2020

Power Automate | Create a Many to Many Relationship and Use OData Id

There are times when you need to create a many-to-many relationship (N:N) in Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) for Dynamics 365 for Sales (D365) records. Some documentation exists, but what should you do when you have multiple environments? Do you need to update the Relate Records Action URL each time you move the flow from…

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