Check Links in Dynamics GP

Check Links is a very powerful tool in Dynamics GP that can solve some data issues. Please remember to back up before proceeding and perform the function in a test database and validate the results before hand. Please do not delete the back up until items have been validated.

“With great power comes great responsibility” – Uncle Ben.

How does the Check Links process work?

Dynamics GP data is stored in multiple tables and has relationships between each table. My interpretation of Check Links is the procedure scans for links and relationships between the multiple tables and it will insert and remove records it deems, as necessary.

A practical example would be a sales order. There is a header, detail, commission, taxes, GL, apply records, cash receipts, and deposits. These items are stored across multiple tables and some items are linked. Check Links will validate and insert and remove records. It will produce a report of the insertions and deletions it has done. Please save and review this report. Validate it in a test database before proceeding with it in live.

When you run into some data issues, while researching for a solution, they might require you to run the Check Links function on a specific module. Remember to run it in test and back it up.

If you have any questions about Check Links in Dynamics GP, please contact us.

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