Company Reporting in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Ever come across wanting to have separate reports for each of your Dynamics GP companies? Well I certainly have. 

For example, you might have two companies running in Microsoft Dynamics GP and you want to modify the SOP blank invoice report in a way so that you have various formats and logos for each company you work with.

Well the difficulty is, that if you modify a report in GP you modify the report system-wide and all companies in Microsoft Dynamics GP will print same modified report with same logo and format.

Not that ideal when you are wanting each company to have its own logo and format. So you do you print a different logo and format for each of your Microsoft Dynamics GP companies?

A solution with a few tricks

Well you can do it, but you need to do it with few tricks.

  • First create two folders, name them Data-A and Data-B.
Screenshot One
  • Secondly, create a copy of the DYNAMICS.set file and rename it to DYNAMICS-A and DYNAMICS-B (see example below).
  • Create two shortcuts in the Microsoft Windows start menu.
Screenshot Three
  • Create the shortcut and point it to  “C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft DynamicsGP2010Dynamics.exe” for the DYNAMICS-A.set and click next.
Screenshot Four
  • Type a name for the short cut (for example Dynamics A) and click finish.
Screenshot Five
  • Again repeat the action for the second shortcut and name it Dynamics-B.
  • Launch Microsoft Dynamics GP by double clicking the Dynamics-A short cut.
  • Login as “sa”Go to Tools > Setup > System > Edit Launch File (see below)
Screenshot Six
Screenshot Seven
  • Next select Microsoft Dynamics GP 11.
  • Change the dictionary locations for “Forms” to C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft DynamicsGP2010Data-AFORMS.DIC
  • Change the dictionary locations for “Reports” to C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft DynamicsGP2010Data-AREPORTS.DIC
  • Click OK to save
  • Close Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Now launch Dynamics GP by double clicking Dynamics-B short cut.
  • Repeat the steps 9 to 15 for Dynamics-B.

When you are finished you will be able to print different logos and various formats for each company that you are working with.

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