Convergence: 10 Things You’ll Learn About Your Microsoft Dynamics Solution

Why would you go to Convergence? If you have never attended, everything  sounds a little abstract.  Here are some specific things you can do at Convergence 2014 that will make your investment 100% worthwhile.

You can:

  • Learn how to use the features and functionality of the Microsoft Dynamics solution you currently license to improve operational efficiencies and increase employee productivity.
  • Research third-party vendor solutions that can help you to extend your Microsoft Dynamics solution to better meet your specific business needs.
  • Evaluate additional functionality that might help you to cost-effectively respond to changing business conditions or integrate additional departments by extending your Microsoft Dynamics solution.
  • Discover how Microsoft Dynamics can help you meet your fiscal responsibilities and compliance obligations.

As a technical decision maker, such as a CTO, CIO, Enterprise Architect, Solutions Architect or IT Manager you’ll find these possibilities particularly exciting, you can also:

  • Learn how to use the technical resources and support available with your Microsoft Dynamics solution to help your team be responsive to requested operational changes from business colleagues and customers.
  • Empower your people to use functionality you already license, and free your technical support team to focus on tasks that require their expertise.
  • Investigate additional Microsoft Dynamics functionality you don’t already own, plus third-party vendor solutions that could better enable you to respond to increasing demands and changing requirements.
  • Understand the Microsoft product development strategy so you can plan how best to maintain and deploy your solution over time to support the business capabilities your organization requires.
  • See how to create—and enable your people to effectively use—customized reports, web-based dashboards, and real-time alerts to gain the visibility needed to manage the business.
  • Learn how to optimize your current IT infrastructure to cost-effectively deliver the performance and security your business requires now, and prepare for anticipated demands.
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