Convergence 2013 Travel Tips

Here are a few quick tips to make your journey to Convergence 2013 a bit smoother.

  • Don’t forget your passport. No other ID will do!  Those starting their trip in the states may only require driver’s license.  **Be sure your Airline Ticket and Name on your ID matches**
  • Check with your cell phone company regarding rates and charges for using your phone internationally or for US residences travelling to a different state.

RECOMMENDATION:  Get a US or STATE-TO-STATE Phone Package.  We will be texting you from the front lines keeping you up-to-date on events, impromptu meetings and other big announcements.

  • These days checked baggage fees apply.  Be prepared to provide payment at time of dropping off your luggage, and remember to ask for a receipt.
  • FAA guidelines limit carry-on luggage to ONE bag plus one personal item.  Personal items is defined as one of the following:  purse, briefcase, laptop or backpack.
  • Bring or wear socks on travel days.  Not only can the floor of a plane get cold, but there is a VERY good chance your shoes will need to be removed walking through security.
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