Copying and Pasting from Excel into Dynamics NAV

You might be wondering what type of tool can be used to import data in Microsoft Dynamics NAV since the Data Migration Tool is no longer available in NAV2013.

In NAV2009 RTC many users were accustomed to using the Data Migration Tool from the Technical/Developer side and even from the end- user side.

The Data Migration tool is used to load data into Microsoft Dynamics NAV using Excel.  You could load data such as master files like vendor, customer, chart of account and even the transactions files.

In NAV2013 one of the changes made to application was adding the “RapidStart Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

RapidStart Services is a tool designed to shorten deployment times by using out-of-the-box configurations, improve the quality of implementations by validating internal relations between the tables and by streamlining importing of opening balances and transactions into journals.

At the same time, Microsoft also offered the end-user a more efficient way of importing or shall I say “copying” data from Microsoft Excel to Dynamics NAV2013.

Indeed in NAV2013 – copy and paste from Excel

In NAV2009 most tables can be sent or copied to Excel but not necessarily from Excel to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Nowadays, Microsoft Excel is widely used by the end-users, so, copying from the Excel makes sense and pasting to NAV2013 is a very effective way of easing data entry. 

Here are a few simple steps on how to copy and paste transactions to the NAV2013 General Journal:

  • Open Microsoft  Excel
  • Create Journal Entries.

Tip- make sure that the General Journal fields should match the Excel fields: 

  • Highlight the date in the Excel file, right click “Copy”
  • Go to the General Journal and from the journal line right click and select “Paste Rows”
  • There are some scenarios where the data in Excel is incorrect or additional setup needs to be satisfied. For example, for a Dimension Value the code is mandatory. NAV2013 provides the validation necessary to allow end-users to easily identify the appropriate errors.
  • If all the data in Excel is correct, all the lines will appear in the General Journal
  • In addition, other transactions can be copied and pasted to items such as the Purchase Order, Sales Order, Payment Journal, Cash Receipt Journal etc.

In the event that importing of complex data is involved, you might want to try the Configuration Packages or Configuration Worksheet under the RapidStart Services in Dynamics NAV.

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