How to Create a New Account in Dynamics 365 Business Central (If You’re Used to GP)

If you’re like many of our clients, you’re using Dynamics GP today and also considering a switch to Dynamics 365 Business Central. Customers in this situation sometimes worry they are too unfamiliar with how to handle basic functions in the newer ERP. In this article, I’ll show you how to add a new account in Business Central.

(For an overall head-to-head analysis of the 2 systems, read Dynamics GP vs Dynamics 365 Business Central.)

In this example, let’s imagine our business is expanding into Europe, and so we need keep track of travel expenses. There isn’t an account number for travel expenses in our system yet, so we’re going to go ahead and add a new account.

1. Navigate to Chart of Accounts

First, from the homepage, just click that button at the top left.

Click the

2. “Search” for the Account You Want to Create

This may be counter-intuitive, but we don’t want to accidentally duplicate an account that already exists in our system. Let’s take a moment to prevent that headache.

Select F3 for the shortcut to search, or click the search button at the top. Then type in “Travel.”

Type the account name in the search bar.

Then you’ll get the pop-up window for the new G/L account.

3. Enter the Account Number and Name

We’ll use the number 61550 and the name “Travel Expense.” Simple!

On the GL Account Card, enter account number and name.

4. Enter the Account Category & Subcategory

When you click on the category field, you’ll get a dropdown menu. The category here should be, of course, Expense.

Enter the account category in the dropdown.

When you click on the subcategory field, you get a pop-up window, in which we’ll select Travel Expense from the column on the left.

Choose the subcategory from the pop-up.

Click OK in the bottom right of that subcategory pop-up window when you’re done. And then click Close on the G/L Account window beneath that.

Now your new account is ready for you in your chart of accounts.

Chart of accounts, showing new account

That’s how simple it is to create a new account in Dynamics 365 Business Central. That simplicity empowers the users, our accountants, to control the information they want and need for reporting.

Now that you have an account, you may also want to learn how to enter a new journal entry in Business Central.

If you’re looking for some advice on your own Dynamics strategy, or if you want to tell us which tasks in GP or Business Central you’d like us to explain next, please contact us.

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