How to Create a New User in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Follow these steps below if you need to create a new user in Microsoft Dynamics GP:

1. Log in as ‘sa’
2. Go to the Administration Page
3. Under Setup click User

a. Enter User ID.
Note:  Remember User ID will be case sensitive
b. User Name
c. Class ID (if being used)
d. Status

  • Active – set up for all users.
  • Inactive – for a user on leave.

e. User Type

  • Full – For typical user
  • Limited – For read only users. Requires change in licensing
  • Self Service – for time entry. Requires change in licensing

f. Home Page Role – Use the lookup and choose Basic Home Page for Home Page Role
Note:  Field appears to be grey.

g. IF Payroll View for Human Resources is visible, and the user requires access to the HR module, tick this box.
Note:  If Human Resource is not registered this box may not be available.

h. Web Client user only (no SQL Server Account) – Used if Web Client is installed.
Note:  Directory Account tab is used if Web Client is used.

i. Password and confirmation
j. Choose advanced SQL Server Options as per your company policy.
Note:  When creating a new user select ‘Enforce Password Policy’ and ‘Change Password Next Login’.  This will force the user to add their own password.

k. Click Save

Assign Security

In the User Setup Window, click Copy Settings

a. Copy Security Access
Select the User ID to be copied from
b. Home Page and Area Pages
Select with setting you would like copied.

  • Home Page Role (same as selecting Basic Home Page in the User Setup Window)
  • Home Page Content – Can provide shortcuts to all new users
  • Area Pages – pages (tiles) available to the user.

Note:  You may want to set up a template user, so all new users are set up with the same selections.

Note:  By using the Copy User Settings, you can skip Section #4 and #5, as the user is now ready for use.

4. Under Setup click User Access
a. Highlight the new user ID
b. Tick the companies that the user requires access to
c. Click OK

5. Under Setup click User Security

a. Enter or Lookup the new User ID
b. Choose a company
c. Under Roles, find and tick the desired security Role
d. In the Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports ID choose the desired Modified Report ID
Note:  Typically there is only one report ID called DEFAULTUSER.

e. If there are other companies that require the SAME security:

  • Click the Copy button.
  • You will be prompted to save the changes. Click Save.
  • Choose the other companies that require the same security.
  • Click OK

g. Click SAVE

The User can now log into the companies.

6. Other System Security Items
Go to Setup > System > System Preferences
Automatically Load To Do: Reminders by default on Home Page.

  • This loads the To Do list.

Enable Remember User

  • Allows user to synchronize their GP user ID with their Window domain log in.

If you have questions about Microsoft Dynamics GP, please feel free to contact us.

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