Create and Share a Saved View in Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

You can add or change columns or fields in your view of any grid or form in Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations. System administrators can share (AKA publish or copy) those personalized views to other users.

These abilities let you and your Dynamics partner configure the system to your business needs and efficiently give all the relevant views to new hires.

In this article, I’ll explain how to

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Note: Even though most customers, commentators, and consultants still call it Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, Microsoft now technically licenses it as Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management.

Personalize and Save a View in Finance & Operations

You can personalize the columns and fields in any grid or form, and save those personalizations in a “view.”

Below are instructions for the most common personalizations we see requested. Navigate to the form or grid and modify it.

How to Add a Column to a View in Finance & Operations

Right click in the column header, and select Insert columns.

How to Add a Field

  1. Right click in the section where you want the new field.
  2. Select Personalize.
  3. In the Edit Menu, select Add a field.

How to Rearrange Columns

  1. Hover over the column header that you want to move, and on the left side of the column, hover over the 4 dots until you see the 4 arrow cursor.
  2. Click and hold, and drag the column to the desired location.

How to Save a View

  1. In the upper left corner, you’ll see the view drop down. Once you’ve completed your edits, select the drop down and click Save as.
  2. Enter a name for the view, and click Save.

How to Share (AKA Publish or Copy) a Saved View

You can share a saved view in two ways: by copying it to individual users or publishing it to security roles.

Best practice is to publish to security roles. That way you don’t have to redo the process for every new hire.

Depending on your D365 configuration, you may need to give these instructions to a system admin.

How to Share (AKA Publish) a Saved View to Security Roles

  1. Navigate to System administration > Setup > Personalization.
  2. Click the Personal views tab.
  3. Find the desired personalized view and select it.
  4. Click Publish in the menu.
  5. Type a name for the view in the pop-up shown below (step 7).
  6. Toggle Publish as default view to Yes.
  7. To publish it to everyone in a certain security role, click Add in the Publish to people in these roles section, and then enter the desired security role.
  8. Click publish.

Note that a message will appear saying there may be a delay before the view is available to users. I recommend you close browser and restart your machine to make the view appear.

How to Share (AKA Copy) a Saved View to Individual Users

This is usually not best practice. However, you can also share a view with a named individual. The first 3 steps are the same as for publishing to a security role.

  1. Navigate to System administration > Setup > Personalization.
  2. Click the Personal views tab.
  3. Find the desired personalized view and select it.
  4. Click Copy to users in the menu.
  5. Select one or more users from the list below.
  6. Click Copy at the bottom.

How to Change Which Security Roles Have a View

  1. Navigate to the Published Views tab.
  2. Find the desired view and select it.
  3. Click Republish in the menu.
  4. In the pop up you can view the Security Roles currently assigned to that view. You can also change and remove roles in this form if needed.
  5. Once changes are completed, click Publish. If you make no changes, click Cancel.

Video: Save and Share Views in D365 Finance & Operations

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