10 Things CRM Accomplishes for Professional Services

Encore has the most Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultants of any Canadian Dynamics Partner, and we’ve signed on 48 Canadian financial and professional services clients. Over the course of our 25 years of business, we’ve delivered  fantastic value to our Dynamics CRM customer base.

Here are the top 10 ways we’ve seen Dynamics CRM drive professional services organizations:

1. Identify Your Most Profitable Clients and Programs

Here’s an example: Dynamics CRM logs every single lead and opportunity against that customer’s account.  From there, it’s extremely easy to take a look at other metrics like total deal sizes, products/services sold, close rates, how quickly their deals close (or don’t), cost of sale, and just about whatever else you want to look at.

Compare these metrics to other customers across your entire CRM to find out which ones are killing it, and which ones need to be left alone.

2. Retain Your Customers With Outstanding Customer Service

Research says that 68% of your ex-customers likely left due to perceiving a bad attitude or indifference from your company, 14% were dissatisfied, and 14% were lured away by a competitor’s services – source.

CRM helps you keep a finger firmly on the pulse of your customer’s satisfaction with relationship indexes (see how). You can also connect your CRM to client-facing tools that increase customer satisfaction (and collect more data to further improve your services!). See this G&F Financial case study.

3. Manage ANY Type of Relationship

Have you heard of xRM? Microsoft Dynamics is so customizable that you can configure it to manage your relationships with any kind of stakeholder.  For more, see 24 Wildy Creative Ways Companies are Using Dynamics CRM

4. On-the-road Access to Your Client’s Information

It’s time to stop frantically searching your email inbox for customer details before heading into a meeting.  Alternative solution: log into Dynamics CRM through your phone, tablet, or internet browser – pull up their account – and see everything you need to know.  It will work from anywhere you have an internet connection.

5. Deliver Advice Tailored to Your Clients With Real-Time Data

Client’s product performance against other clients? Usage metrics? Are your clients getting the most out of your products and services? Sit down with your customers, fire up CRM, and build a plan for their future that takes in to account their unique history.

6. Super-powered Targeting for Your Marketing Activities

Every tidbit of data inside of your Dynamics CRM can be used to segment your marketing activities.  Need to send an email to Accounting Professionals that use Version 3.5 of your product and live in Los Angeles? No problem!  Want to call down on leads that haven’t visited your website in over 2 months? Easy.  These lists even stay up-to-date over time. For more, see work with queries and set up query logic.

7. Increase Your Employee Productivity

All of that time that goes into managing your client relationships – picture the outcome of automating the rote parts! You now allow your employees to concentrate on high-value activities.

8. Sit Back and Watch Your Customer Data Flow In

The value proposition of CRM is based squarely on that data inside of it – your CRM is only as valuable as your data is complete.  It’s a major headache to get all of that data into your CRM manually – so why bother with manual processes? Dynamics CRM from Encore & Introhive automates away almost all of that data syncing.

9. Drive new business through Cross-selling Activities and Leveraging Existing Relationships

Introhive taps into all of the connections across your firm and shows you how to leverage them to do more business.  Need to meet with the CFO at a top prospect? Login to CRM and see who in your company has the best relationship with that person and can get you a warm introduction. More info.

10. More Satisfaction at a Lower Price

Compared to Salesforce, Oracle, Zoho, and BPMonline, Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers the highest combination of functionality, direction, satisfaction, and cost.  To learn more, contact us.

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