CU10 for Management Reporter 2012

Feature – Export row-based TOT formulas to Excel

Microsoft has released Cumulative Update 10 for Management Reporter 2012.  This is exciting news because they have included a long awaited feature that allows users to export the TOT formulas when downloading a report to Microsoft Excel.  This feature had the highest number of votes for a feature in Management Reporter!

How To Export the TOT formulas when downloading a Report:

  1. Open the Report Definition window
  2. Click on the Output and Distribution tab
  3. Mark the option “Include formulas”
  4. Save the Report Definition
  5. Generate the report
  6. In the web browser, click on Download and choose Microsoft Excel
  7. Click on an amount in a row that had TOT selected in the Row Definition
  8. You should be able to see the formula in the Formula Bar

Check out the following video to see this in action:

Other Features included in CU10 for Management Reporter:

  • An additional parameter has been added to control header and footer options for exporting to Excel in page view vs. normal view
  • Removed account category from showing in the viewer and exported reports
  • Improved generation and viewing performance if using SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition
  • Ability to include or exclude companies for reporting in the Dynamics GP data mart
  • Ability to exclude Analytical Accounting details in the Dynamics GP data mart
  • Improved integration performance for large ERP databases
  • Additional fixes for product defects
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