Training Simplified: Discover E-Learning in CustomerSource

Note: CustomerSource has now been retired, please read this blog about the change. 

Let’s admit it, training is difficult and time consuming. Trying to impart your years of knowledge on a new employee in just a few days is daunting, and it is hard for new employees to have all that information dumped on them in a matter of days. It can be a painful process for all the parties involved. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a better way? Lucky for you, CustomerSource has the solution.

One of the most useful tools that CustomerSource has to offer in is the E-Learning area. It is full of courses for every Microsoft Dynamics product. E-learning includes videos, practice sessions, how-tos, and documentation that is broken down by the type of program and the version of your product. For example, if you are trying to train a new employee on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2, you can search for that product in E-Learning and it will give you a list of courses just for that specific version.

One of the best parts of E-Learning is that they throw in practice sessions during the training. It’s not “5-hours-of-watching-videos-followed-by-you-trying-to-recollect-information-that-you-feel-like-you-didn’t-catch-because-you-were-too-busy-trying-to-stay-awake”. This is real interactive training that is easy to understand!

Many of the courses range from 5-7 hours long; so it could take a full day if you try to complete a course all at once. However, courses can be completed on your own time, and just in parts as well. Nobody says that you have to do a whole course either: each course is broken down into sections. So if you only need to learn about one small portion, it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. This is also very useful for employees that prefer to learn one task at a time. E-learning makes it easy for them to follow along and complete it at their own pace.

Don’t think that E-Learning is just for new employees. Everyone needs a quick refresher or lesson ever so often. This is the perfect tool for that as well.

If you have been active on your Microsoft service plan, you have been able to experience the awesome tools that CustomerSource has to offer, and if not – it’s never too late to start!

Eliminate the costs and time that training takes away from the company. When you have an experienced employee that takes time away from their daily tasks to train someone for a few days, this is a cost to you! You can minimize lost time  by utilizing this great tool. With E-Learning included in your service plan, why wouldn’t you take advantage of it!

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