A Day in the Life of an Encore Dispatcher

Welcome to Encore Care!

Encore is proud to offer our next level of client support through our Client Support Services Team, simply branded as Encore Care. The Client Support Service (CSS) Team gives our Encore clients the ability to reach real dispatchers who review their emails and calls and effectively dispatch their issues to the right team for the job.

Who sits at the other end of care@encorebusiness.com and what happens after the email is sent?

The Client Support Services team is managed by one Practice Lead and consists of two Relationship Officers, working in tandem to dispatch every request. Spread out between two time zones, Encore Care provides coverage for all requests Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 am – 7:00 pm Central / 6:30 am – 5:00 pm Pacific.

The very first task our dispatchers do in the morning is follow up with any requests received from the previous evening. Once those requests are processed, the day begins with any new requests. Once an email is sent to care@encorebusiness.com, it’s immediately processed by one of the two members of the team. IT related support requests like new licenses or errors with hardware are forwarded to itsupport@encorebusiness.com while new business requests and upgrades in service are forwarded to encore@encorebusiness.com.

Everything after that is what we call break/fix (we’re looking at you stuck batches). Break/fix means you’re receiving an error, have a stuck batch or GL issue, your program is running slow, or you’re basically getting glitches in an otherwise standard running program. Whether you’ve called your IT department (or you are the IT department), the CSS Team is here to receive your request.

All emails are also received in our Dynamics 365 Client Engagement environment. Requests in our queue are logged and turned into Cases. Once we record all of your information such as Account Name, Contact Name, and Product Information, we set a Priority Level to your case and send you an acknowledgement email. You only receive that email once your case is processed by a live human who is also working with the best support team for your issue. No robots or auto-emailing required.

As the support team begins to process your request, our clock starts for providing you the best service. Our priority levels relate to the urgency of your request and are as follows:

  • Low – Response time within 16 hours or 2 business days: You would like to modify a custom report, a logo added to a document, or a new dashboard or view created. All users have full access to the system with no errors.
  • Normal – Response time within 8 hours or 1 business day: You’re receiving an error, have a stuck batch, a report is pulling incorrectly, or a user needs access or is having system permission issues. Other users have full access or little to no errors.
  • High Priority – Response time within 4 hours: Major system issues including programs not running correctly at all, functions not available, stuck batches or financial processes that have to be resolved for End of Month or End of Year. Other users also experiencing limited access.
  • Critical – Response time within 1 hour: Your server or system is completely locked down and unusable. All users are locked out and business cannot operate.

Our CSS Team was established to help our clients in every way possible and facilitate fast, efficient service so we are involved with each case in every step of the process.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a case come to resolution and seeing our specialist close a case as resolved, so don’t hesitate to reach out to Encore Care the next time you need support, we are always ready to assist.

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