Disable Workflow SharePoint in Dynamics GP

We recently ran into an issue with Dynamics GP that took us some time to figure out the solution for. But we did, so now we’re sharing it with our lucky blog readers in case you run into this problem as well!


The client is currently using Workflow 2.0 but had Workflow for SharePoint previously setup. Out of the blue, the SharePoint Workflow started acting up. The workflow messages were showing up on windows they didn’t have setup in Workflow 2.0, but the messages were appearing on the vendor maintenance card and payables batch entry.  This caused a work stoppage because they couldn’t save or post anything, due to the workflow message.


You can disable it in the Workflow for SharePoint setup window. Tools > Setup > Workflow for SharePoint by simply unchecking the Activate checkbox. If you can’t disable it there, then run the following script in SQL to disable it. Change TWO to the name of your company database you want to disable it in:


Prior to running the script, have everyone log out of GP, then log back in.  Be sure you have a SQL database backup before trying this!

If you have any questions about Microsoft Dynamics GP, please contact us and we’d be happy to help you!

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